CALpHOMIN is a new broadacre product that WALCO is producing to re-energise soils, to enable them to use more of the minerals already in the soil,  to encourage the growth of beneficial life in the soil and increase resistance to frosts and blight.

Limestone Rubble

We currently have 2 grades of limestone rubble available;

  • 10mm to 25 mm
  •  50mm to 10mm

Limestone Rock

 Limestone cap rock sourced from Windy Harbour is a very hard wearing stone compared to other limestone products. The method of extraction produces a hard stone resource varying in size from rubble to the size of a small car.

  • Due to its hard wearing properties this stone is perfect for building, as seen in our Gallery.
  • It creates a beautiful contrast with the surrounding environment.
  • It enhances any other materials used in the construction of a building or retaining wall.

Agricultural Lime (Ag Lime)

Our primary source for Ag lime is our Manypeaks pit located 40mins east, north east of Albany.

  • Our Manypeaks lime is a chalk lime which makes it highly soluble and very readily absorbed.
  • It is a very effective wetting agent for non wetting soils, replacing the bonds that are destroyed by acid sulphate soils. 
  • This chalk lime is a rare product and the solubility of the fines is not able to be replicated in other Ag Lime products, therefore you will rarely see chalk lime used as a comparison against lime sands.
  • Although the lime sands quite often have a higher Calcium Carbonate content than the blended chalk lime product, logic dictates that sand will never be as readily absorbed into the soil as a softer chalk/clay product.

We also source lime from our Windy Harbour pit.

  • Due to it being solid limestone rock, and not a sand or clay based product, this lime is very high in Calcium Carbonate (the active ingredient in agricultural lime).



Ag Lime - Manypeaks quarry

$31  p/tonne + GST

Ag Lime - Windy Harbour quarry

$27   p/tonne + GST
Limestone Rubble
$30  p/tonne + GST Building Stone  $30   p/tonne + GST
CALpHOMIN  $100 p/tonne + GST    

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